Explore Partnership Opportunities with Neftac Ltd.

We are thrilled to announce that we are currently open to partnership opportunities with businesses operating within the industries of our subsidiary companies. As a holding company providing strategic guidance and support to our portfolio ventures, Neftac invites businesses within our operational scope to collaborate on mutually beneficial projects and initiatives.

Why Partner with Neftac?

1. Strategic Guidance: Neftac offers strategic guidance and support to our subsidiary companies, empowering them to thrive in their respective industries. Partnering with us provides access to valuable insights, resources, and expertise to drive success.

2. Access to Resources: Through our network of industry contacts and strategic alliances, Neftac offers access to a wealth of resources, including technology, talent, and capital. Partnering with us unlocks opportunities for growth and innovation.

3. Collaborative Opportunities: Neftac fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation among our portfolio companies. Partnering with us opens doors to collaborative projects, joint ventures, and co-creation initiatives that drive mutual success.

4. Flexible Partnership Models: We understand the unique needs and objectives of our partners. We offer flexible partnership models tailored to accommodate various collaboration preferences, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Whether you’re seeking strategic alliances, joint ventures, or co-branding initiatives, we welcome the chance to collaborate on projects that drive growth and innovation.

Partnership Opportunities:

  1. Strategic Alliances: Collaborate with our operational ventures on strategic initiatives, joint ventures, or co-creation projects that align with your business objectives and goals.

  2. Product Integration: Explore opportunities to integrate your products or services with those offered by our operational ventures, creating synergies and enhancing value propositions for customers.

  3. Distribution Partnerships: Partner with our ventures to expand distribution channels, reach new markets, and increase sales and revenue opportunities for your products or services.

  4. Technology Partnerships: Collaborate with our ventures on technology-driven projects, innovation initiatives, or research and development efforts to drive technological advancements and competitive differentiation.

  5. Individual Consultants: Neftac also welcomes partnerships with individual consultants or experts who specialize in areas relevant to our portfolio ventures. If you possess expertise in fields such as technology, marketing, or finance, we invite you to explore collaboration opportunities with us.

Contact Us:

If you’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities with Neftac or would like more information about our partnership windows, please reach out to us via email at [email protected] or [email protected]. Our team is eager to discuss potential partnerships and collaborate on projects that create value and drive success for all parties involved.

1. Brand Ambassadors: Influencers with presence in Kenya.

2. ALS: For shop owners with available spaces on their shops. Earn by providing us with storage space on your shop and placing orders for customers as an Airsoko Agent. As we aim to continue streamlining Airsoko Logistic Services (ALS) we are partnering with shop owners to open new ALS Stations countrywide.  Learn More about ALS.

If you're interested to partner with us, you can fill this form to apply to become an Airsoko ALS Station and wait for response from our end.

1. Brand Ambassadors:  If you are well versed on online marketing, having a good social media presence or in contact with a reasonably broader audience, Seven Wears is open to joining forces with such individuals for mutual benefits. For more information about this program, you can reach us via email or whatsapp: [email protected], +254 115611777, respectively.

2. Brands: Seven Wears ( is a multi-brand, multi-seller fashion and accessories marketplace and we are open to join forces with both local and international brands. Partner with Seven Wears for joint marketing and help your brand(s) reach more customers.

3. Designers & Textiles Companies: Seven Wears was started with the aim of promoting local talents, brands and Made in Kenya Apparels and Leather products. Aligning to this, we are open to partnering with Fashion designers, Clothing & Leather Goods Manufacturers.

4. Joint Exclusive  Editions Products: i.e 7W Edition whereby we collaborate with other brands to create Exclusive items for our customers.

For more information and ideas you can reach us via contact page or email us at [email protected]/ [email protected].

Brand ambassadors to help in Caoboss brand outreach.

We look forward to the possibility of working together.

If interested or having any queries, you can contact us.